About Us

We take pride in our work.


We support our team; we invest heavily in training, management systems, and the latest plant and equipment to remain one of the most efficient contractors in Australia.

Mikcon’s team of employees and support staff are highly skilled and trained to meet the highest of standards and we aim to exceed our client’s expectations at every opportunity.


Why Choose Us


The Mikcon team is always looking for innovation and technology to compliment our sheer determination and hard work to get the job done. We encourage our staff to think outside the box and work closely with our clients with the aim of exceeding expectations in every facet of the project.


Mikcon has an impressive fleet of late model equipment that is fully compliant with G22 Specifications. With an ever-growing number of plant and machinery, Mikcon hires excavators from 1.5T to 80T, along with a wide range of earthmoving machines from Graders to Articulated Dump Trucks.


Mikcon is dedicated to building strong customer relationships and understands the necessity in delivering a best quality product first-time, on-time and within budget. Our highly motivated and professional staff won’t let you down.


Work Health and Safety is one of the pillars of Mikcon’s success. We strive to maintain and improve on our enviable WHS record by devoting significant resources to training and protecting all of our valued team members.

  Our Management System

Our Management   System

Mikcon has established and implemented an integrated management system certified to international standards recognised all over the world.


Health and Safety - AS/NZS 4801

Our business depends on the occupational health and safety of our employees. Our system ensures our business practices are in compliance with legal requirements, and focuses on improving employee safety and welfare.


Quality - ISO 9001

Our management system is aimed at improving our customer satisfaction levels, and defines a proper set of procedures that ascertains whether out customer satisfaction levels are being met. We achieve this by monitoring and controlling our business processes which directly affect the quality of the products and services we provide. Our system aids in identify hazards, assessing them, and evaluating the risks. From here we are able to eliminate the risks or implement controls aimed at protecting our people and keeping our workplace a safe one.


Environmental - ISO 14001

Environmental sustainability can be challenging for any businesses. Our management system allows us to grow without harming the environment in any way. We can determine the environmental impacts our practices and processes have, and implement the necessary protection measures to reduce the effects.

Our Vision

Mikcon will be admired for its quality of delivery, client relationships, growth and being a great place to work.

Our Mission

We will hold each other accountable to financial and non-financial results while acting with integrity, commitment, and respect.

We will show care for our people, the environment, the quality of our work and always seek to improve the way we do things.

We will ensure the that positive experience we provide to our employees, clients and society will be our lasting legacy.

Our Values

Measure – If it’s not measured it doesn’t happen
Integrity – Our behaviours are what defines us
Knowledge – If you don’t know - ask
Commitment – Do what you said you would do
Ownership – Take responsibility for the good and the bad
Now – Plan and Prioritise