Bulk Earthworks

Mikcon continually invests in bulk earth work machinery to provide clients with the safest, latest, productive and up-to-date technology available. Mikcon has recently taken delivery of a new fleet of excavators, graders and dump trucks. These machine's compliment Mikcon's growing and diverse fleet allowing Mikcon meet the client's every need.

Whether working on urban sites, laying utilities, remote rural sites or highway work, the increased safety and maneuverability of modern machinery  has been a real asset to Mikcon.

Mikcon's most recent additions to the Bulk Earthworks Fleet include:

  • CAT 140M Graders (2016)
  • Knuckle Boom Excavators (2016)
  • 9T Articulated Dump Trucks
  • 50T Excavators with GPS
  • 35T Excavators with GPS
  • 29T Excavators with GPS
  • 12-23T Excavators with GPS
  • Horizontal Directional Drill Rig
  • Vacuum Non-Destructive Excavators

(Please contact Mikcon for a full plant list)

Mikcon ensures all equipment and plant is maintained to the highest standards ensuring regular servicing is completed in accordance to specifications. All Mikcon machinery is fitted with fops / rops, hand rails, e-stops, beacons, safety signage, and operation manuals.

All our plant undertake a robust plant hazard risk assessment before arriving on site. In addition all excavators are fitted with the latest multi coupler fully automatic hitches offering unbeatable safety standards.